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Game of Thrones Power Rankings – Season 5, Episode 3

Last night’s episode was a bit slow at times but had great flourishes.  Let’s jump right into the Power Rankings:

Tyrell-21. House Tyrell (Last Week – #5)

Shooting up the Power Rankings this week are the Tyrells, bolstered by Lady Margaery’s work with an aged-up and very, very physically mature King Tommen Baratheon.  Ser Pounce is officially jealous.

Night's Watch-22. The Night’s Watch (Last Week -#4)

That Valyrian Steel cuts like a hot knife through butter.  And before Janos Slynt’s blubbering makes you feel even a little sympathy, just remember this is the guy who went into brothels to stab babies in Season 2.

Arryn3. House Arryn (Last Week – #9)

Now we know what Littlefinger is up to.  Having secured control of one of the seven kingdoms (The Vale), he’s setting his sights North.

Stark-24. House Stark (Last Week – #10)

Things look dangerous for Sansa, but the North remembers.  Meanwhile, Arya is working on the whole “faceless assassin” training thing.

Lannister5. House Lannister (Last Week – #1)

The mighty have fallen a bit this week.  Cersei is being squeezed out on all directions.  She still has a few tricks up her sleeve though, so I wouldn’t expect to see the Lannisters this low on the rankings for very long.

Targaryen-26. House Targaryen (Last Week – #2)

Nothing from the Mother of Dragons this week.  When you’re sitting on a tinderbox of a city without control of your dragons, no progress means you go backwards.

Martell-27. House Martell (Last Week – #3)

Ditto House Martell.  When things are this chaotic, sitting still does not help your week to week Power Rankings position.  The previews promise more Dornish next week, so we’ll see what happens.

Baratheon-38. House Baratheon (Last Week – #6)

Jon has officially taken a different job offer.  Stannis wants to march on Winterfell, but just two weeks ago he didn’t have the men for it.  It’s not looking good right now for the most boring man in Westeros.

Bolton9. House Bolton (Last Week – #7)

The Rooster admits that he doesn’t have the men to hold the North.  He has a new alliance with the most dishonest man in Westeros and his protege, at least one army about to approach, and not many options except to send his crazy bastard son to skin people.  Winterfell might very well be his tomb.

Lannister in Exile-210. House Lannister in Exile (Last Week – NR)

Well, Tyrion got as far as Volantis before everything went to hell.  Why can’t he just sit still for a damn second?

Also receiving votes: The Meereenese, the Free Folk, House Greyjoy, the White Walkers, Ser Pounce, the Faith of the Seven, Bodies: the Exhibit, clean corpses, No One, Someone, and Anyone.

(c) 2015 D.G. McCabe