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Game of Thrones Power Rankings, Season 7, Episode 7

Well that’s a wrap on Season Seven! It’s had its share of criticism, much of it perfectly warranted. I still enjoyed watching it, so I’ve taken to ignoring the critics. The fact of the matter is that the show’s writers have never been as good as George R. R. Martin, so when they deviate from his books there’s a noticeable drop in quality. I’m okay with that because I still enjoy the show. It’s the only show on TV that produces such an adrenaline rush that I have trouble sleeping afterwards. Anyway, final Power Rankings:

1. The White Walkers (Last Week, #1)

Here we are. Since the very first scene of the show, it’s been inevitable that the Walkers would breach the Wall. We knew it, Jon Snow knew it. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

2. House Lannister (Last Week, #6)

This will surprise some people, but hear me out. Cersei wants to rule. Waiting back to see what emerges from the battle against the Walkers is her smartest play to achieve that end. She’s right in that either the Walkers win, and there’s no hope anyway, or they lose and she fights a weakened Stark/Targaryen alliance. It’s cynical at best, but it’s also her only shot.

3. House Targaryen (Last Week #2)

Can Daenerys and Jon make it to Winterfell before being set upon by the Army of the Dead? That’s the big question, the implications of their romance are entirely secondary.

4. House Stark (Last Week, #3)

In an alternate universe, Jon comes home to a giggling Bran, high on weirwood juice, telling him, “dude, you just hooked up with your aunt.” That being said, the Starks are sitting ducks right now unless their allies can get to Winterfell like yesterday.

5. House Greyjoy (Last Week, #7)

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Cersei was totally wrong and Euron really did peace out back to the Iron Islands? Sure it would make the Theon subplot even more pointless, but it would be funny.

6. The Hound (Last Week, #5)

No Clegane-Bowl yet. Aw man. But the Hound did let his brother know it was coming, I think.

7. House Arryn (Last Week, NR)

The true Lords of the Vale get back on the rankings this week for one reason. Littlefinger’s time had come, he was more of an annoyance at this point than a genuine threat. The Lords of the Vale should even have no problem convincing sickly Lord Robin of this fact, with the murdering of both his parents and all.

8. The Night’s Watch (Last Week, #8)

YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also receiving votes: the Dothraki, House Baratheon, House Reed, House Mormont, Ser Pounce, illicit love, Tyrion thinking, “Ugh, more incest,” Bron and Pod having a beer, and hoping GRRM finishes at least one book before next season.

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Calm Down: The Timing in Sunday’s Game of Thrones (Season 7, Episode 6) Makes Some Sense

The internet is annoyed at this week’s Game of Thrones timeline. Actually, this week made some sense. Here’s why:

1) They weren’t far from the Wall. Easiest explanation for how quickly Gendry got back to Eastwatch. Let’s say it took him 2 hours to get there.

2) Real birds are fast. Ducks average 50mph and cover 800-1000 miles a day while migrating. Surely a magical messenger Raven in a fantasy series is at least as fast as a duck.

3) Westeros is smaller in the show than the books. Winterfell is 1,000 miles from King’s Landing on the show but more like 3,000 in the books. Let’s say, for sake of argument, Dragonstone is 1,000 miles from Eastwatch. Magic raven gets there in 24 hours. (26 hours total so far).

4) Dragons are magic, but also huge. A 747 (the size of a dragon according to the producers) has a minimum cruise speed of 140mph. A dragon needs to fly at least that fast just to stay airborne. Let’s say a dragon in haste can cruise at 200mph. That’s a 5 hour flight.

In total, they were stranded for 31 hours. Enough time for Thoros to freeze to death. Let’s save our complaints for the giant chains, shall we?

(C) 2017 D.G. McCabe

Game of Thrones Power Rankings Season 7, Episode 6

I don’t fault anyone who thinks this season is moving way too fast.  However, as Ned Stark once said, anything you say before the word “but” are garbage words.  I am enjoying this season, even if some of the plotlines and interactions are rushed.  I can understand that with the amount of dragons we have this season.  HBO may be rich, but it’s not so rich that it can provide us with hours of actor time AND exciting dragon scenes for several episodes in a row.  But I digress.  Time for power rankings:

1. The White Walkers (Last Week, #3)

Ice dragon?  Ice dragon!

2. House Targaryen (Last Week, #1)

Daenerys still has two fire dragons and a huge army, so that’s one thing.  Even so, I doubt that the wight they captured will be worth the price they paid.  Let’s see, there’s live evidence maybe, just maybe, convincing a murderous queen to stop a self-destructive war vs ice dragon.  Yikes.

3. House Stark (Last Week, #2)

While the Night King is acquiring ice dragons, the Starks are fighting each other.  I’m disappointed that the Stark sisters have backslid into their old, backbiting ways, but it’s not unrealistic or even unexpected.  Littlefinger is playing them sure, but old wounds from childhood run deep.  Also, where is Bran in all of this?

4. The Wildlings (Last Week, NR)

Ice dragon or no, Tormund gets the best lines this week.  For that, his sigil, or what might as well be his sigil, gets returned to the Power Rankings for the first time in a while.

5. The Hound (Last Week, #8)

The Hound gets some great lines too.  The Brotherhood without Banners is just Beric now, so technically they are all dead – like the ice dragon.  However, the Hound being alive means that we might, might get some Clegane Bowl next week!

6. House Lannister (Last Week, #6)

It looks like the final episode will once again make Cersei the center of attention.  Her machinations seem especially pointless now in the face of a bloody ice dragon, but it will be interesting to see how things play out I suppose.

7. House Greyjoy (Last Week, #7)

Speaking of pointless, anyone hear from Euron lately?  I mean, he has a lot of ships, but no ice dragon.

8. The Night’s Watch (Last Week, #4)

A big drop for the boys in black.  Sure they helped send a raven to Daenerys (apparently Fedex overnight raven service is a thing now).  But unless Sam has something in his books telling us how to kill an ice dragon or how to prevent the Night King from creating two more, they whole Night’s Watch endeavor is more useless than Euron Greyjoy’s navy.

Also receiving votes: House Arryn, House Baratheon (run Gendry run!), House Reed, House Mormont, whoever those dead people were in Arya’s bag, Ser Pounce, the Dothraki, synonyms for body parts, oh, and apparently there’s an ice dragon now!

(c) 2017 D.G. McCabe

Game of Thrones Power Rankings, Season 7, Episode 5

Only two episodes to go!  In most seasons, the penultimate episode has been a barnburner, so I’m pretty pumped for next week.  Although I have fantasy football drafts scheduled for an hour before the next two episodes. I’m probably going to autodraft if they take more than an hour.  But I digress.  You aren’t here to listen to my fantasy football related dilemma, you’re here for power rankings:

1. House Targaryen (Last Week, #1)

No question about it – Daenerys has won the war against Cersei before it even started.  I don’t fault her for executing the Tarleys either, since she gave Randyll a clear choice and then Dickon practically volunteered to be executed.  Randyll betrayed his prior liege-lord based on little more than xenophobia after all, and Daenerys still gave him a chance to live.  It seems he forgot that he served Daenerys’ father during Robert’s Rebellion.

2. House Stark (Last Week, #3)

While the episode focused in on Jon leading a ragtag group worthy of an old western or Kurosawa movie, we also learned that he is the true king of Westeros, his father having married his mother and all.  I’m a little concerned about Littlefinger’s treachery, but the show can only delay the Stark women for so long on a subplot with such an obvious solution.  Heads, spikes, walls.

3. The White Walkers (Last Week, #4)

Ice zombies?  These silly northmen.  They’re just like some dead idiot that only we know or care about here in our ivory tower.

4. The Night’s Watch (Last Week, #6)

I would get out of there too Sam.  I’m not thrilled with Sam’s whining, especially when his life-partner is revealing very important information to him, but it kind of fits his character.

5. House Baratheon (Last Week, NR)

Yay! Gendry’s back!  Yes I know that’s Stannis’ sigil but I’m not making another one.  After all, Gendry could become a wight next week.

6. House Lannister (Last Week, #8)

A little realpolitik goes a long way this week for House Lannister.  Outgunned and outmanned, and maybe having a future after all, Cersei is starting to think of a better strategy than going right into the dragon’s mouth.

7. House Greyjoy (Last Week, #5)

The utility of the crazy pirate storyline is fast coming to an end.  Next time we see Euron he might be getting his head chopped off.

8. The Brotherhood without Banners (Last Week, NR)

Out of Jon’s team of merry men, Thoros and Beric seem to be the obvious candidates for casualties.  Beric is dead already and Thoros really doesn’t add all that much to the story.  If the Hound bites it we’re denied Clegane-bowl, but I wouldn’t put that past the show’s writers either.

Also receiving votes: House Arryn, the Dothraki, the Wildlings, Ser Pounce, dragon-love, lion-love, fermented crab-love, and warhammers.

(c) 2017 D.G. McCabe





Game of Thrones Power Rankings, Season 7, Episode 4

In an effort to avoid spoilers in the first paragraph, I’d just like to point out that due to alliances and defeats, we’re really down to only down to about 11 or 12 rankable groups at the moment.  Here’s a new rule: if one of the subgroups (groups allied with someone else) does something important, they can make the rankings.  This opens up a return to the rankings for the Dothraki, Wildlings, and a few other random ones.  That will make things more interesting than ranking groups that haven’t done anything in a couple of weeks, every week. Anyway that’s enough preamble – power rankings time!

1. House Targaryen (Last Week, #7)

The destruction!  The carnage! Fire and Blood indeed!  I want to point out too, that the Targaryen plan no longer relies on naval superiority.  This kind of diminishes the threat posed by Euron Greyjoy’s fleet.2. The Dothraki (Last Week, NR)

Sure they are squarely in Daenerys’ camp, since they believe she’s a goddess and all.  But to leave them off the rankings this week would be a disservice to the effectiveness of their rampage.

3. House Stark (Last Week, #2)

In any other week, the Starks would be #1.  They didn’t burn any armies to the ground this week, but they’re in a great position.  Their leadership now consists of a king, a political savant, an assassin, and a wizard.  And Jon is getting close to getting the Mother of Dragons to understand that the real threat isn’t Cersei…

4. The White Walkers (Last Week, #3)

…it’s these guys.

5. House Greyjoy (Last Week, #4)

Euron could still  cause problems along the edges.  However, since Daenerys no longer needs naval superiority for her invasion, there’s only so much he can do against her.

6. The Night’s Watch (Last Week, #5)

Sam stays on the countdown, if only because he didn’t have to get pushed around by Slughorn, I mean the Archmaester, this week.

7.  House Arryn (Last Week, #6)

Littlefinger’s days look numbered.  His sole purpose right now appears to be keeping the Vale in the fold, but how much sway does he really have over Robin Arryn while he’s in Winterfell?

8. House Lannister (Last Week, #1)

Did anyone really think a big crossbow was going to take down a huge dragon?  The Lannisters have no army and control of one city, which is now under siege with no food.  Does the Iron Bank rescue them, or cut their losses now that they’ve gotten their gold?  If I were them, I’d choose the latter.

Also Receiving Votes: The Wildlings, The Brotherhood without Banners, Ser Pounce, House Reed (so long Meera!), cave paintings, the many lives of Theon Greyjoy (who should be dead about 5 times by now), and crossbows (which can only do so much).

(c) 2017 D.G. McCabe



Game of Thrones Power Rankings, Season 7, Episode 3

For better or worse, much of the plot of the first three episodes could have lasted seven. That's what happens when you have a show with such rich source material. For television purposes, however, things need to be moved forward, and rich backstory sometimes needs to be replaced with moving the plot along faster.  Anyway, here are this week's Power Rankings:

1. House Lannister (Last Week #3)

It's surprising that the queen racking up early victories is Cersei and not Daenerys. Raiding the Tyrell treasury may have been her most important victory, since it gets the Iron Bank off of her back. Going forward, it may not be so easy. Ambitious Tyrell bannermen won't like the Tarleys being put in charge, and Dorne still wants revenge. Their army is spread thin too, between years of war and no reliable allies in the Riverlands.

2. House Stark (Last Week, #1)

Jon is lucky that Davos is a great hype-man. He's not doing a bad job right now, but he really needs to stop being so modest. This woman was impressed by Daario after all, not the meek Ser Jorah. Meanwhile, at Winterfell, it was great to see a reunion, but Bran's been out in the woods too long. How about picking something a bit more mundane to demonstrate your power rather than the worst day of your sister's life?

3. The White Walkers (Last Week, #2)

Yep, keep demanding fealty, Daenerys. Never mind the hideous monsters lurking offstage, let's keep on keeping on about that Iron Throne quest.

4. House Greyjoy/Crow's Eye (Last Week, #4)

Naval superiority is important. Tyrion thought he had it, but so much for that. As for Euron himself, I'm actually enjoying his over the top mustache-twirling villain schtick. Euron is a monster in the books, but, like a bunch of other Ironborn characters, he's introduced too late to have much of an emotional impact.  The show is making him a just fun bad guy rather than getting too deep into his character, which is working pretty well so far.

5. The Knight's Watch (Last Week, #7)

Well, Sam, you could have killed us all, but we're super impressed with your doctoring skills. Here is a "punishment," where you have read and copy dozens of old scrolls. As if that's not one of your favorite activities.

6. House Arryn (Last Week, #8)

Everyone seems to be ignoring the only house with a huge army untouched by battle. Plus, Sansa hasn't had Littlefinger impaled yet.

7. House Targaryen (Last Week, #5)

Holy crap. In Tyrion's defense, his initial plan was sound because he thought he had naval superiority. It's the British model of conquest, after all. Base your operation out of a secure island and with a powerful navy you can strike where you want, when you want. If they went after a land foothold first they could have gotten boxed in really fast. Now they're boxed in anyway.

8. House Tyrell/House Martell (Last Week, Not Ranked)

The Tyrells and Dornish had run their course and neither was that strong of a ally for Daenerys when you come right down to it.

Leave it to Olenna to twist the knife on her way out.  Still, Westeros being Westeros it was always going to be hard for the Queen of Thorns to maintain control with dozens of ambitious lords like Randyll Tarley waiting in the wings.

As for the Dornish, the characters were introduced far too late in the series and far too clumsily for them to have the same impact they had in the books (which, by the way, was also harmed by their late introduction). The show cut the best Martell character completely, and severely watered down the second best one.  I'd be surprised if we hear from them again on the show.

Also receiving votes: The Brotherhood without Banners, Ser Pounce, epic voiceovers, gazing longingly across the hills of budget Ireland (filmed in Spain), and putting some aloe on it.

(c) 2017 D.G. McCabe

Game of Thrones Power Rankings, Season 7, Episode 2

The fast paced action that was promised has begun! Euron the crazy pirate appears to be a worthy adversary for the time being. Now, Power Rankings:

1. House Stark (Last Week, #3)

Who makes it to Winterfell first, Arya or Bran? Meanwhile, Sansa gets what she wants, and Jon pays a visit to his Aunt. Throw in a couple of impromptu reunions, and it was a strong week for the North.

2. The White Walkers (Last Week, #2)

The Night King hasn't made his move yet, so I can't move him up. He still has dead giants, so I can't move him down either.

3. House Lannister (Last Week, #4)

It didn't take long, and Cersei has righted the ship. Euron is a powerful ally, Tarley is at least thinking about Jaime's offer, and they have a rudimentary air defense. A few valuable hostages helps too.

4. House Greyjoy (Last Week, #6)

It's good to be the king, even if you're the king of bird poop covered rocks. Props to finally getting rid of some of the show's poorer adaptations too.

5. House Targaryen (Last Week, #1)

Daenerys has lost the element of surprise, a good number of ships, and possibly Dorne. Plus I'm convinced she won't believe Jon when he tells her about the Night King. This invasion will be harder than she thinks.

6. The Brotherhood (Last Week, #5)

In the Game of Thrones Power Rankings, you appear in the episode or you drop.

7. The Night's Watch (Last Week, #8)

I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the wall. I am the scalpel that cuts the gross infection off your body.

8. House Arryn (Last Week, #7)

This was a bad week for the assorted allies. Not awful for the Vale though, since Sansa appears to be more popular with them than Jon. They stay on the rankings for now.

Also receiving votes: House Martell, House Tyrell, Hot Pie, Nymeria, Ser Pounce, icky scene transitions, and the unintentional humor of Theon peacing out.

(c) 2017 D.G. McCabe