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Oscars 2012 – Post Script Snap Judgments

Oscars 2012 Snap Judgments:

Not a long post here everyone, just some thoughts:

1. I noticed they crammed all the technical awards into the first half of the show, presenting two or three at a time.  I’m fine with this one, especially since the average moviegoer doesn’t know or particular care about the process of making movies behind the scenes.  That’s unfortunate, but at least the Academy doesn’t make like the Recording Academy and give out the majority of the awards off camera.

2. Some of Billy Crystal’s jokes were funny, others fell flat.  I guess you can only host the Oscars so many times and stay fresh.

3. Good for Meryl Streep! It has become a bit tiresome to nominate her every single year and not give her an award for the last three decades.  If I were her I would have made like Woody Allen and stopped showing up years ago.

4. So let me get this straight, they cut the “Best Song” nominees to two, perform neither of them, and fill up time with a bunch of boring interviews?  Does anyone really care what Adam Sandler’s first movie memory is?

Oh and congrats to Lauren for guessing the most winners at our Oscar party last night!

(c) 2012 D. G. McCabe