2019 Oscar Preview: Everything Else

I’m glad I previewed Best Picture first, yikes. The time I have to write movie articles grows short. Anyway, here’s the rest of the categories that I typically preview.

Best Actor

It depends which biopic transformation that the Academy likes better – Christian Bale’s or Rami Malek’s. I’m leaning towards Malek. Vice got savaged by critics, failed to connect with audiences, and Bale already has an Oscar. I think Bohemian Rhapsody’s box office success will compel the Academy to honor it in some way, and honoring Malek is the most reasonable way to do so.

Best Actress

The other nominees did great work, but Glenn Close has been a fixture for a long time without an Oscar. The Academy loves nothing more than to give legendary performers awards late in their careers, and Close will be the latest beneficiary of this sentiment.

Supporting Actor

I’m torn on this one. Green Book is losing all momentum, so I don’t see Mahershala Ali winning. Otherwise, I’ll pick Adam Driver, but I wouldn’t put money on it.

Supporting Actress

Emma Stone and Rachel Weiss will cancel each other out here, so I’m going to go with Regina King. If Beale Street Could Talk was a great film that got snubbed in too many categories. It should win at least one Oscar.

Animated Feature

I think this one goes to Spider-Man. I think the Disney movies cancel each other out, and the other two nominees just aren’t getting enough buzz.

Best Director

I really, really hope Spike Lee wins, but pragmatically speaking, I think it goes to Alfonso Cuarón. Roma is probably Cuarón’s best film, and that’s saying something. Plus I don’t think Roma wins Best Picture, so the Academy might split the difference.

Visual Effects

The Avengers will win this. Hollywood is getting nervous about awarding popular movies, and giving at least one Oscar to the biggest movie of the year globally (along with Best Picture to the biggest movie of the year domestically) should quiet things down.

Oscars on Sunday!

(c) 2019 D.G. McCabe