Westworld Robot Apocalypse Watch, Season One, Episode Four

This week may have been the most confusing episode of Westworld yet.  The show is compelling, but to be honest it’s hard to see its eventual endgame and how that can stretch out for several seasons.  Assuming the robots become sentient, what happens next?  Perhaps the final battle at Armageddon?  But by logic, nothing happens after that.  Hmm…

Robot Sentience (Last Week, 3/7 Seals Broken)

I was starting to think that Dolores was the one that was going to go full terminator on everyone.  She may still do so, but right now Maeve is the dangerous one.  Fortunately, she hasn’t figured out quite as much as Dolores has, nor does she have Bernard egging her on.

This week: 4/7 seals broken.  Things are progressing, but not THAT fast.

Incompetent Staff (Last Week, 1/7 Seals Broken)

Really?  You left the bullet in the robot?  Seriously how dumb are you?

This week: 3/7 seals broken.

Creator Hubris (Last Week, 4/7 Seals Broken)

Ford doesn’t have a god complex.  Ford has become a god, and he’s going to make damn well sure everyone inside and outside of Westworld knows that.

This week: 6/7 seals broken.

Guest Interference (Last Week 2/7 Seals Broken)

Poor William.  He doesn’t for a moment realize that Dolores is coming along because she’s gradually becoming a sentient, potentially murderous, automaton.  Then again, maybe she’ll whack his annoying, rich, d-bag companion.  So there’s that.

This week: 2/7 Seals Broken

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