Westworld Robot Apocalypse Watch, Season One, Episode Three

Behold – I continue to provide non-election themed reading material for your enjoyment.  But lo!  The robot apocalypse is nigh!

Robot Sentience (Last Week, 1/7 Seals Broken)

Poor James Marsden.  He’s a fine actor, but his robot character, Teddy, just can’t catch a break.  While Dolores, Maeve, and others are getting more self-aware, he just gets thrown into another situation resulting in his certain death.

Current Status: 3/7 Seals Broken.  Even considering Teddy’s situation, the march toward the robot revolt continued ahead this week.

Incompetent Staff (Last Week, 1/7 Seals Broken)

Unlike the last two weeks, the staff at Westworld didn’t do anything obviously foolish this week.   Well, unless you count freeing that stray robot towards the end, but I would argue that wasn’t an obvious error.

Current Status: 1/7 Seals Broken.  No one went out of their way to make matters worse this week.

Creator Hubris (Last Week, 4/7 Seals Broken)

I thought Ford was the nutty one (so does the Westworld Board of Directors apparently).  Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) is all over the place, but mostly channeling his grief into making Dolores more and more self-aware.  And this is before we get into any discussion of Ford’s secret, former partner, who apparently wanted to play god at an even higher level than these two.

Current Status: 6/7 Seals Broken.  No good can come of these two being in charge.  Or is it these three?

Guest Interference (Last Week 2/7 Seals Broken)

Here’s a quick question.  Whom do you think will be the first guest that Dolores kills?  The Man in Black?  William (Jimmi Simpson)?  Or maybe some other poor, more unsuspecting person?  Because it’s totally going to happen.

Current Status: 2/7 Seals Broken.  Like the staff, the guests didn’t really do anything to accelerate their own, robot-related doom.

(c) 2016 D.G. McCabe