Fargo – Season 2 – Top Ten Most Bizarre Moments: Part the Eighth

Okay – NOW we only have two episodes left.  This week was basically a bottle-episode with Ed, Peggy, and Dodd.  Three unpredictable, miserable idiots in one small cabin, what could possible go wrong?  Anyway, top ten:

10. Wheelin’ Out

Apparently Hank wasn’t feeling too badly, since he was a part of the raid later in the episode.  Still, one can’t help being concerned about the guy, bizarre drawings and all.

9. Reagan!

He’s back – in WWII B-Movie form!

8. No One Believes Me!

How many times does the same guy have to call a house before someone with actual power answers the phone?  You’d think Floyd would have just picked up on a whim.  Oh well, on to Mike Milligan.

7. Milligan Likes Your Style, Ed

But what style is that exactly?  What does Milligan actually know ?  Hmmm.

6. Hamburger Helper

In this context – yick!  Yick, yick, yick!

5. Check Yourself, Dirtbag

This is why racist scumbags should check their asinine comments.  You never know when you’re talking to an unstable maniac who’s about to shoot you.  I mean look at Hanzee – doesn’t he just look completely insane?  Idiots.

4. Gas Stations

Gas station attendants have a rough go of it in Coen Brothers movies, especially No Country for Old Men (2007).   Hanzee lets this one off easy.   Speaking of which, there have been plenty of homages to the Coens this season, especially with the music.

3. Dodd Humiliation #3

Getting stabbed in the foot and shot in the face is the most humane thing done to Dodd in the cabin.

2. Dodd Humiliation #2

Let’s just drape a pillowcase over his head – hide that ugly mug while we spoon.

1. Dodd Humiliation #1

Honey – you gotta stop feeding him our beans!  We need those beans!  Also, quit stabbing him already!

(c) 2015 D.G. McCabe