Fargo – Season 2 – Top Ten Most Bizarre Moments: Part the Seventh

There’s some creepy shiz going down this week in the Upper Midwest.  The key difference between this season and last season is that the first season of Fargo had two villainous focal points – Lester (Martin Freeman) and Malvo (Billy-Bob Thornton).  Season two has only a sense of dread, a nameless, external Sauron-esque nightmare descending upon our characters.  Anyway, top-ten:

10. Runes?

I think that our Sheriff friend has either 1) a bizarre hobby or 2) an unfortunate mental illness.  The latter might explain why he bailed on Peggy last week without “checking on her.”

9. The King of Breakfast

Liquid breakfast too!

8. I’m No Rat, But…

Here’s all the information I have about my enemies.  Also, let my kids get away with previous murders, thanks.  I’m still not a rat.  Look at me smoking my pipe.

7. Ricky from Buffalo

Buffalo, New York I assume, although there is a Buffalo, Minnesota.  Interesting fact, Buffalo, New York is a Anglicization of the Old French “Beau Fleuve” or “Beautiful River.”  Buffalo, Minnesota is named for Buffalo Lake, which likely refers to actual bison (just a hypothesis).

6. Window-Washers

They were really committed.  They were doing a great job, then boom – murder.

5. Well if John McCain…

Thumb screws suck, don’t get me wrong.  But I think that’s a central theme of this season – medieval torture has nothing on slow, inner decay.

4. The Undertaker – Ooooo, Scary!

Obvious Mike Milligan didn’t think so.  That escalated quickly.

3. So Long Adrianna…er…Simone

Spoiler alert!  Well maybe not, if I don’t explain the context, but fans of a certain critically acclaimed drama will know what I mean.  Lots of parallels there.

2. The Butcher

Ed is now like, “fuck this, I’m going to be a criminal.”  Might as well at this point.

1. You’re a Shit Cop, You Know that, Right?

Best line of the season so far!

(c) 2015 D.G. McCabe