Game of Thrones Season 5 – Preseason Power Rankings

Here we are! Tomorrow’s Season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones will begin our descent into A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons.  But first, preseason power rankings:


1. House Lannister (End of Last Season – #10)

Chaos is the real ruler of the Seven Kingdoms these days, but as long as Tommen Baratheon sits on the Iron Throne he will be little more than a puppet to Cersei Lannister.


2. House Targaryen (End of Last Season – #6)

Daenerys has demonstrated that she has the ability to command armies.  Does she have what it takes to rule a city? We’ll find out.


3. House Tyrell (End of Last Season – #8)

The Lords of Highgarden escaped last season largely unscathed – even after they took care of Joffrey.  No one in this world remains unscathed for long though.


4. House Baratheon (End of Last Season – #3)

Right now, anyone who has an established base of operations is in a good position.  Stannis got himself one of those in a big way at the end of last season.


5. House Arryn (End of Last Season – #2)

Littlefinger has secured himself a power base for the time being.  His control is entirely dependent on Sansa and the Lords of the Vale playing along, so his position isn’t as strong as the the top four above.


6. House Bolton (End of Last Season – #7)

The Boltons just moved into Winterfell.  We’ll see how long they can rule the North through brute force and fear without Tywin Lannister backing them.


7. House Martell (End of Last Season – NR)

Rounding out our players with a real base of power comes House Martell.  They are in the back of the pack for now because they haven’t made very many moves in the game – yet.

Lannister in Exile-2

8. House Lannister in Exile (End of Last Season – #1)

Now we get into our Wild Cards.  The first is Tyrion Lannister.  He’s pretty far removed from the game at the moment, but made a huge exit.  He’s far more dangerous now than when he was playing along.


9. House Stark (End of Last Season – #4)

Bran Stark just met up with the powerful Bloodraven, but we won’t be seeing him this season apparently.  Arya is the main focus this season for the direwolves.

Night's Watch-2

10. The Night’s Watch (End of Last Season – #5)

Jon has less than 100 men and now has to make friends with an emotionless potato and his fire-worshipping minions.  Oh boy.

Also receiving votes: House Greyjoy, the Meereenese, the White Walkers, The Free Folk, Ser Pounce, necromancy, pyromancy, Lollys Stokeworth, Cthulhu, and George R.R. Martin hopefully finishing Winds of Winter soon.

Oh and there are new, original sigils for a few other groups!  The Free Folk/Wildlings, the White Walkers/Others, House Greyjoy, and Meereenese:

(c) 2015 D.G. McCabe