Boardwalk Empire – One More Episode

By: D.G. McCabe

It’s been a few weeks since I did a writeup on Boardwalk Empire.  Since the last few years’ season finales have been utter bloodbaths, we’re going to do something a little different: survival odds for some of the key characters.

1. Joe “Joe the Boss” Masseria – Will Nucky set up the meeting of his “partners” in the Florida-AC-NYC scheme?  If so, Masseria could meet the same fate Nucky has in store for Dr. Narcisse.  Still, the real Masseria survived for quite a bit of time after 1924, and the show has been fairly true to fact when it comes to the major events in the lives of the historical characters.  Odds of survival – 100%.

2. Dr. Valentin Narcisse – I would love, love, to see Jeffery Wright return for another season or two as the foreboding, sinister, brilliant doctor.  Still, the last two seasons have dispatched the main antagonist in the final episode and Narcisse is too arrogant to get out of Atlantic City before Nucky comes down on him.  Odds of survival – 40%

3. Chaulky White – Chaulky’s days appear to be numbered, but they have been all season and he’s escaped death three times.  It would be a crazy twist if he survived all of those attempts on his life only to be whacked at the last minute.  The writers have a lot of places to go with Chaulky and I think they’ll keep him around.  Odds of survival – 80%.

4. Eli Thompson – Nucky may have figured Eli out, but what is he going to do about it?  He doesn’t seem to be in a particularly fratricidal mood these days.  Eli could also turn the tables on Knox, or use him to bring down the non-Nucky Florida conspirators.  I don’t think he’s that smart though, and his probably screwed.  Odds of survival – 30%

5. Agent Knox – This depends on the fate of Eli.  I can’t see them both biting it in the next episode.  I could see Eli or Nucky shooting Knox, and no Knox pretty much lets Eli off the hook with Nucky.  Maybe.  Odds of survival – 30%.

6. Nucky Thompson – Nucky is in trouble, but the show revolves around him, arguably more than any other show on television or at least on HBO.  Odds of survival – 100%

7. Richard Harrow – The writers would have to be sadistic to whack Richard at this point.  Boardwalk Empire is a dark show, but having Richard die after finally getting his life in order would be a total waste.  Odds of survival – 90%

8. Mickey Doyle – How the f is he still alive?  Odds of survival – 100%

Can’t wait for this Sunday’s season finale!

(c) D.G. McCabe