Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 5 House/Order Power Rankings

By D.G. McCabe

This week’s power rankings come a day later than usual, but here they are:

1. House Lannister (Last Week – #3)

Back on top after a couple of shaky weeks there.  I suppose that one should never underestimate a man like Tywin Lannister.  Even though he has made his daughter and son miserable in one fell swoop and his other child is fighting the effects of gangrene, his power move keeps the ambitious Tyrell’s at bay at least for another week.

2. House Targaryen (Last Week – #1)

The writers didn’t give Daenerys much to do (or conquer) this week.  At the risk of getting consumed by dragon’s fire, I’m dropping her down one peg.

3. The Free People (Last Week – #5)

This bump of the rankings is contingent on the success of Ygritte in turning Jon Snow away from what’s left of the Order of the Night’s Watch, if you can even call it an “order” anymore.  This is even considering the fact that Jon Snow’s new friends have a hell of a task ahead of them.  Would YOU want to climb the Wall?  Yikes!

4. House Stark (Last Week – #4)

Yes, Robb has lost a bunch of his bannermen.  Yes he now has to make nice with a river troll.  Still, he’s got a good deal of his father in him, for he who passes judgment swings the sword.

5. House Tyrell (Last Week – #2)

They still have a few avenues to power, but for the moment they are relegated to being a pawn of Tywin Lannister.

6.  House Greyjoy (Last Week – NR)

Here’s the deal – the Ironmen control key portions of the North at the moment, which is (finally) addressed as a problem for Robb Stark on the show.  This is made far clearer and more important in the books (I’m about 1/3 of the way through A Storm of Swords).  Also, no Theon this week to bring them down.

7. House Tully (Last Week – #7)

Still here solely based on the awesomeness of the Black Fish.

8. The Brotherhood without Banners (Last Week – #6)

As predicted last week, that did not go well.

Also receiving votes: The Night’s Watch, House Baratheon, House Bolton, Jon Snow’s virginity, and Ygritte’s lack thereof.

(c) 2013 D.G. McCabe